When planning your budget around prescribed medications, you never want to have to remove a critical care need in order to afford to pay the rent, or the heat or the grocery bill. In fact, the world should work in such a way that all critical needs are accessible through a good and achievable employment situation. Unfortunately, with the right-wing extremism of capitalism and every business for themselves, it can be a massive drain to cover any of those expenses when a medical issue arises. Are generic drugs less effective? This is often raised in the doctor’s office where they are paid by the big pharmaceutical companies to push their premium, branded medications. But what about those generic medications? They must be just as good, right? In this article, we will explore this issue and provide you with solid information you can use to manage you budget a little better.

Are Generic Drugs Less Effective?

So, are generic drugs less effective? No, of course not. The reason behind this is that they are identical to the branded medicines your doctor is being paid to push on you. This is also why doctors suggest that generics aren’t as good, though there is no reason as to why unless there is an endorphin effect of buying expense medicines.

Generic Medicine List

generic medicine list is available for every branded drug that has a lapsed patent. Use this to save yourself some serious money.

Why Are Generic Medicines Cheaper?

Then why are generic medicines cheaper? IT is because they are not in a position to hold you to only their brand. There is competition, and the profits are there still with lowered prices.

Do Generic Drugs Work the Same?

So, are generic drugs less effective? Unequivocally, the answer is no. They are not less effective and the reason is that they are the very same identical chemical compounds found in branded medicines. The only difference is the marketing and packaging of the drugs. However, you will never have a doctor recommended a generic substitute, because they are paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push the much more expensive branded drugs. Do generic drugs work the same? They certainly do, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to call themselves generic copies of the branded drug. If you have questions, speak with your pharmacists, not your primary care physician. You will get a much better answer that way.

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