These days, one can’t drive two blocks in a city or large urban center without seeing someone on the side of the road begging for change. Where once it was booze, then intravenous drugs, not it is pharmaceutical grade pills. The robberies of pharmacies are a daily occurrence, and unscrupulous doctors over prescribe medications to those they know are going to either sell it or use it in a way not intended for healing. And every single transaction first benefits one entity, and that is the pharmaceutical industry. They knowingly over prescribe, up the percentages and mislead consumers with the help these drugs provide. Can over the counter drugs be dangerous? They certainly can, and in the marketing patterns of the big drug companies, they are meant to be. It is all pure profit.

Can Over the Counter Drugs Be Dangerous?

So, can over the counter drugs be dangerous? They can be if they are misused. However, the narcotic level is not the same as prescription, though they can be reached with an overabundance of consumption. Always use medications as directed, either by the bottle or the pharmacist.

Dangers of Over the Counter Drugs

The dangers of over the counter drugs are as varied as the drugs themselves. Always take with precaution and never let a minor self-medicate on your medications.

Pros and Cons of Over the Counter Drugs

The pros and cons of over the counter drugs lie in the way they interact with our bodies. In a normal body, the drugs might react the way they are expected. But, if allergies are a concern, there will be issues.

Over the Counter Drug Abuse Facts

So, can over the counter drugs be dangerous? Of course, they can be. Any substance can be abused and caused great harm if not used properly. People kill themselves with aspirin every day, without knowing of course how utterly painful it is to die of critical kidney failure. It is horrifying to watch. Any substance can kill you is you take enough of it, anything. Whether it be vitamins or cough medicines. Heck, kids are dying because they are eating clothes detergent in an attempt to get high. Clothes detergent. Over the counter drug abuse facts can be gained from you pharmacist or if you have kids, from their school nurse.

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