We can only presume that we have an idea when the end of the world as far as we’re concerned will be coming. We know the destruction of considerable amount of nature are inevitable, with hundreds of ancient species critical to the balance of life becoming extinct every day. We are to blame, whether we want to accept it or not. The planet was not designed to be a place of endless waste and strip mining. By undoing the natural balance put in place millennia ago, we are hastening our own end. This is the principle behind the narcissistic approach of the ultra-wealthy, who wish only to enjoy the fruits of others’ labors today rather than conserve for the survival of their children tomorrow. We are passed that crossroads of change, heading faster and faster down the slope of destruction. Do you automatically get Medicare with social security? Does it really matter anymore at this point?

Do You Automatically Get Medicare with Social Security? 

So, do you automatically get Medicare with social security? No, you do not. You still need to apply for both programs in order for your benefits to start flowing. Otherwise, you will be waiting a very long time for nothing. 

Turning 65 and Still Working 

While turning 65 and still working, you will want to hold off on applying for your benefits. This is just common sense, as why dip into a savings account when you don’t need it? 

Can I Sign Up for Medicare Online? 

Can I sign up for Medicare online? You sure can. Simply navigate to the Medicare website and fill out your qualifying application. 

How to Sign Up for Medicare at Age 65 

So, do you automatically get Medicare with social security? No, you do not. Any you don’t automatically get social security either. Your expected payout from the program is based on your work history and what you did personally to further the death of our shared planet. You still must apply for the benefits to start. Also, you should be applying for Medicare as well. Nothing is automatic in the government, no matter what they say. You still need to apply to kick-start your benefits. Knowing how to sign up for Medicare at age 65 is simple, and all you need do is go online and start the process.

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