Saving your budget unfortunately has to be an active thought in everything you do, simply for the fact that the wealthy are out to bring your wealth into their pockets. Life just tends to happen that way when we don’t pay attention to who we are electing into the government. It’s not like this current administration is solely to blame, it is simply not making up any stories to make us feel better about being farmed for our children’s legacies. So, with this massive open conspiracy in mind, your goal is to save and protect what is yours. That means education and forward thinking. Individuality and learning will take some work, but it is the only defense against the vultures in the government. How much cheaper are generic drugs? Cheap enough that you should be paying attention to what your doctor is saying for proof.

How Much Cheaper Are Generic Drugs?

So, how much cheaper are generic drugs? In a price comparison with the identical formulated brand name drug, generics often cost between 60-80% on the market. This is a huge savings, especially with high-demand drug prices skyrocketing to make as much money as possible.

Brand Names of Medicine

The brand names of medicine are the ones you will be referred to by your doctor. If you don’t pay attention, you will be paying hundreds of dollars more for a prescription that you could have easily picked up from the same pharmacist for twenty bucks.

Are Generic Drugs the Same?

Are generic drugs the same as brand name equivalents? You bet they are and that’s the whole point.

Generic VS Proprietary Drugs

So, how much cheaper are generic drugs? It really depends on the cost of the chemicals incorporated into the formula, but a solid average for reduced cost versus brand names equivalents is between 60 and 80%, sometimes a lot more, sometimes a lot less. The point is that you are not paying the false research and development recuperation claimed by drug companies. By skipping this predatory pricing structure, you are entering the free market where the best price compared with the best quality wins. You already know the quality is good when you buy from your pharmacist, so it is just a matter of buying the cheapest and using a prescription card to get even more cost reductions.

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