Without going into too much detail, it can be said that the world has enough red tape to completely cover it from the poles to the equator and back again more than a few times. This isn’t some strange desire of the government to get things done in a nice, tidy manner, but rather a way to obscure and cloud over the fine print so that you will always be paying more for something that you really should. Experiments have shown that consumer behavior rests in the easy path. Where the least resistance of a sale is where they wish to go. Any obstacles, such as high costs and hassles, are thought of primarily. These are mitigated in the fine print in order to subdue the consumer into buying. Sometimes, it isn’t even available, only set through a mandate that it must be so. No questions required. What are the benefits of Medicaid expansion? This is exactly what we are talking about.

What Are the Benefits of Medicaid Expansion? 

So, what are the benefits of Medicaid expansion? The expansion of the program allows for more consumers to apply for the program, though the threshold for income hasn’t changed. This is because of the exponentially increasing numbers of people joining the ranks for the working poor. Though the acceptance rate is the same, it does give consumers a feeling that someone is looking out for the best interest, regardless if it is true or not. 

Negative Effects of Medicaid Expansion 

Now, on the other hand, the negative effects of Medicaid expansion lie solidly on this rejection rate. It is providing false hope for many. 

What is Medicaid Expansion? 

What is Medicaid expansion when it’s all said and done? It is a paper trail that leads nowhere different with no change in results. 

Who Pays for Medicaid Expansion? 

So, what are the benefits of Medicaid expansion? These are the ways to look at it from a perspective that isn’t as defensive as it should be. The benefits are that more consumers can apply for the program, though the qualifications haven’t changed for acceptance. It comes down to money, and the money is there to process more applications. Who pays for Medicaid expansion? That would each and every one of us who pay taxes, as the funding for the program comes directly from the coffers of the tax base.

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