The way the world works, it is all we can do as consumers to try and save our own personal wealth from draining out into the pockets of the wealthy, who’s singularity of thought is all about separating that wealth from us. This goes through out every transaction we have, and in the field of health care where we have little choice but to either lay the bill or go without, this need is seen as an exploitable weakness. That wealth you have is desired by others, and unless you educate yourself in the language of health care. What counts as a pre-existing medical condition? This is very significant when you are negotiating your insurance policy, so if you wish to learn more, please continue to read along.

What Counts as a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

So, what counts as a pre-existing medical condition? Practically anything abnormal in a consumer’s medical history. Unfortunately, this vague response is what the insurance companies look for in order to charge more money. Everything from pregnancy to depression can be considered a pre-existing condition.

Pre-Existing Conditions Before ACA

Those pre-existing conditions before ACA were less of a burden and rationally made sense. Things like cancer would be a guarantee of an added expense on a coverage policy. But now, anything can be monetized and therefore will be.

Pre-Existing Conditions TrumpCare

For pre-existing condition TrumpCare is looking at, they wish to add more to protect the bottom lines of the insurance companies. It is a money-making business, and free market economics are the altar these companies worship at.

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan Providers

So, what counts as a pre-existing medical condition? The weird thing about this question is how broad the answer is. Pre-existing conditions aren’t some medical term used in biology, but rather an insurance term that labels and dissects the root causes of illness and disease to better make a profit over healing them. The more items on the list, the more money and insurance company can make. For example, pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. So is asthma, wisdom teeth, depression and a whole host of other natural human experiences. All of which have a price tag attached. Pre-existing condition insurance plan providers make a killing in premiums with each consumer, making the buyer believe their issue is a problem that the insurance company isn’t responsible for. This simply isn’t true.

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