Given the state of the ACA and its eventual dismantling, many folks have already started looking for alternatives to the highly overrated and expensive ‘every man’ policies for a return to the free market where they can control their own medical care. This means that those who are educated in the ways of insurance have time to design and price a comprehensive policy for themselves without the deadline of an open admissions period where you enroll or you are frozen out. This also means they can design the coverage types that they need for their very own specific insurance needs, rather than pick up a generalized policy that doesn’t do half of what they need it to do. So, what is a limited benefit hospital indemnity plan? We will look at this minutely specific policy in this article, and hopefully help you make a decision on whether you need one or not.

What is a Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Plan?

So, what is a limited benefit hospital indemnity plan? It is an opportunity for the hospital and insurance company to make a lot more money off of you without your benefits increasing. It may seem like protection of an additional sort, but it is not.

Indemnity Plan vs PPO

In the indemnity plan vs PPO debate, always lean towards a comprehensive PPO plan. This will have all you need no matter the circumstances.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

With hospital indemnity insurance, this is something they take out for themselves. This protects them from malpractice when they cause harm to a patient that could have been avoided.

Best Indemnity Insurance

So, what is a limited benefit hospital plan? To make it clear, it is a policy that covers the possibility that something the hospital will do won’t be paid by your existing policy. For example, though your hospital might be in-network for you, the doctor they assign you might not be. On purpose. This ensures they will be able to charge a much higher rate of coverage than if they assigned you someone who was in-network. Your indemnity plan would cover this. Or, you can insist that they assign you someone in network. If they don’t, threaten to go somewhere else. The best indemnity insurance is the coverage you don’t pay for.

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