There is a great deal spoken these days about the state of health care in this country. Often, it is derived from the political whim of our elected representatives in the federal government, but sometimes it starts with a question from one of us. The way the world works, it is the wealthy who maintain the power and therefore the purse strings of the federal reserve. Where the money is spent is up to the them, and a great deal of money is spent making us believe that this is the way this is the way things work. By allowing the wealthy to run things, we can wallow in our laziness and apathy. If it doesn’t affect us directly, our national zeitgeist is that it isn’t important. Regardless, of course, whether it truly affects us or not. These policies all affect us directedly, but the propaganda wished to divert the issue away onto something else so we feel better about ourselves. What is the expanded Medicaid program?

What is the Expanded Medicaid Program? 

So, what is the expanded Medicaid program? It is the system that allows for an increase in applicants, without increasing the funding for the program. That means Medicaid is becoming an exclusive club for the destitute, bringing a sense of pride to their claims. Not everyone can be on Medicaid and it makes them feel special. 

Medicaid Expansion ACA 

Under the Medicaid expansion ACA rules, more people can apply for the program each fiscal cycle. By allowing more people to apply, the government is pretending to expand coverage. This however, is not the case. 

What is Medicaid Expansion? 

Then what is Medicaid expansion? It is the term associated with the last election cycle pros that the government is still working for us. However, that isn’t the case, as the expansion only increases the amount of people who can apply for the program, not the benefit itself.

Medicaid Expansion Numbers 

So, what is the expanded Medicaid program? It is the system that allows for more applications to the Medicaid program, while at the same time not expanding the coverage financing for the program. That means Medicaid is a more exclusive program, reserved only for those who are truly destitute. But, because we can all apply for the program, it makes us feel better by reviewing the Medicaid expansion numbers. It makes us feel cared for when the politicians talk, and that is the extent of their training and experience. They talk, but never seem to get anything done.

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