In practicality, there are two form of medication when it comes to organizing it by consumer methods. The first is prescription, where you need a doctor’s OK to get it from a pharmacist. The other is over the counter, better known as OTC drugs, where you don’t need a prescription by still should consult a pharmacist before adding it to your daily ritual. There are OTCs that still provide quite a negative impact is taken incorrectly, and sometimes even if they are taking as recommended. What might be a cure for a headache can be playing havoc with your liver. Because of this, it is always recommended that you speak with a pharmacist and let him know what you need it for, how long your issue has been a problem, and about any other medications you might be taking. What is the safest over the counter pain medicine? We will look at this question in the following article.

What is the Safest Over the Counter Pain Medicine?

So, what is the safest over the counter pain medicine? It is the one that is taken responsibly and by the manufacturer’s directions. Any medication can be deadly if misused, so follow the directions closely. This means keeping all medications, even the OTC ones, out of the hands of kids. They might have heard things that will make them want to take it to experiment.

Safest Pain Medication for Long Term Use

The safest pain medication for long term use is again the one used as directed. Even long-term safe use can be dangerous.

Safest Pain Medication for Liver

When it comes to the safest pain medication for the liver, stick with your pharmacist’s recommendation. Each body is different, so read the warning labels seriously.

Is Aleve Safe?

So, what is the safest over the counter pain medicine? Understand that all pain meds over the counter or not, are dangerous is misused. For example, a bottle of aspirin isn’t going to remove a headache any faster, but it will burn a hole in your liver that will cause death, a very painful and slow death, over the course of three to four days. No medical intervention is possible. So, the safest meds are those taken responsibly. Is Aleve safe? It is, again, as long as it is taken as recommended.

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