Where once we had public access to health care before the 1970s, when costs were negligible and the insurance companies and hospitals were not allowed to make a profit. Now, with the repeal of those laws by a conservative government, we find ourselves in a place that we can’t turn back from.

Our path to a growing working poor class is inevitable, where insecurity in pay and food are becoming just as significant as the rising costs of health care. Will Medicare for all save money? This is a great question, and depending on what aspect you are asking from, from the consumer side or the industry side, the answers are obviously different. The conglomerates make their money, and they write the laws. We are at their mercy and suspect that the end will be a financial ruin first with the credit collapse before the rest comes tumbling down.

Will Medicare For All Save Money?

So, will Medicare for all save money? The pitch has it saying it is true, but we expect these costs to again rise substantially as de-regulation is the only way to get the insurance companies to play along. By setting our sights on a system that provides health care while allowing the insurance conglomerates to make money, we are setting ourselves up for failure once again.

Medicare For All Explained

If you would like Medicare for all explained, review the current candidates on their websites and listen to what they have to say. You might be surprised at how partisan the issue has become.

Medicare For All Benefits

Medicare for all benefits are not clear at this point. For more information, contact your local Medicare office.

Medicare For All Cost Per Person

So, will Medicare for all save money? Rest assured that any bill that passes into law with this title will heavily favor the insurance companies and medical industry first, placing the consumer a far second in concern. We passed the crossroads of meaningful change a long time ago, and with the corporate money that runs this country now, you can expect higher prices until you can’t pay them at all. Our children will recite the Medicare for all cost per person as the golden age of decay, where the money continues to exist and heading ever upwards.

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